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Women’s History Month

womens history month

Happy Women’s History Month!

Every day we celebrate women’s history, and in March the rest of the nation joins us. Women are the focus and all month long we honor, recognize and commemorate the great women of our past, present and future.  (more…)

Mentors Matter

ARC founder and team mentor Gail Riggs being cheered by students after the Young Women's College Prep Leadership Breakfast in December. (photo cred: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

ARC founder and team mentor Gail Riggs being cheered by students after the Young Women’s College Prep Leadership Breakfast in December. (photo cred: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

In this wonderful Internet Age, we have access to information on just about any subject. Whatever answers you may seek you can find with a simple Google search. With countless articles, blogs, vlogs, tip lists and studies aimed to help you in every aspect of your life, the Internet has become a hub of “how-to” advice. One question people are always asking? How to be successful. There are articles that can tell you how to succeed in business, in school, in motherhood, in sports, in philanthropy, in relationships, in politics, in fashion, and just about any other subject you can think of. Although these topics are wildly different (what it takes to succeed in one area may not be the same in another), there is one piece of advice you’ll see over and over again no matter what the topic or the source: Find a mentor.  (more…)

A Pop-Up Shop With a Purpose

The entrance to 235 Park Ave, the Parkleigh Pop-Up Shop

The entrance to 235 Park Ave, the Abigail Riggs Collection at the Parkleigh Pop-Up Shop

In the past few years, you may have heard the term “Pop-up shop” being thrown around among your more fashion-y friends or seen it mentioned in magazines. The concept seems to be all the rage among traditional brick-and-mortar retailers trying to compete with the fast-paced and exciting environment of e-commerce. Sounds oh-so chic and modern, doesn’t it? But that begs the question:

What exactly IS a pop-up shop? (more…)

Seven Women Who “Aim High” Together

Climbing Everest (photo c/o SevenSummitsWomen Facebook)

Climbing Everest (photo c/o SevenSummitsWomen Facebook)

When someone tells you to “Aim High”, what comes to mind? Probably some variation of try your best, dream big, shoot for the stars, etc. (We think of Annie Oakley, but that’s just us). Well seven women have taken the inspirational mantra a little more literally, shooting not quite for the stars, but as close to them as you can get without leaving Earth. (more…)

Who Are The Women Of The Nobel Prize?

The Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize

Last Friday, 17-year-old Malala Yousafzai became the youngest person in history to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, as well as the 46th woman to win a Nobel Prize in any of the five categories since the award was created in 1901. These remarkable women excelled in science, literature and social activism, paving the way for future women to do the same. Aside from Marie Curie, Mother Teresa and now Malala Yousafzai, most of these women are relatively unknown outside of their areas of study, but their accomplishments and discoveries have changed the world and in turn given women and girls around the world the confidence to pursue their goals and dreams despite societal restrictions or stereotypes. We could go on and on about all 46 of these female pioneers, but for now we’ll stick with the most recent female winners of each Nobel Prize. To see the complete list of Nobel Prize awarded women, click here. (more…)