Connecting The Next Dot: Denise Restauri

Left: Denise Restauri (Forbes.com); Right: Denise speaking at the UN Int'l Year of Youth Culmination Celebration in 2011 (Getty Images)

Left: Denise Restauri (Forbes.com); Right: Denise speaking at the UN International Year of Youth Culmination Celebration in 2011 (Getty Images)

In today’s digital age it seems like every move you make is captured somehow. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Reddit (I could go on but you get the point) are thrusting regular people into the spotlight for every day things. The 15 minutes of fame has been reduced to about 15 seconds and we are bombarded with new stars or people to admire almost every day, making it easy for the people doing truly amazing things to get lost in the shuffle. A lot of these people are women and they continue to fly under the radar, but just because there aren’t any memes of them or they’re not household names doesn’t mean they’re not influencing our world and creating change for future generations.

Enter Denise Restauri. In my never ending search for women doing fabulous things, I found Denise and was blown away by what she has done. She was featured on Women’s eNews in their 2014 “21 Leaders For The 21st Century” list as part of the “Seven Who Speak Across Our Generations” category (full article here). CEO of GirlQuake, author and Forbes.com contributor, her byline is “I amplify the emerging voices of girls and women.” Dedicated to empowering women, Denise organizes summits and events to bring girls and women together to celebrate the amazing things they’re doing in their communities and around the world. Her goal is to create new role models for today and future generations by having these women share their stories. A 2009 summit in Washington D.C. consisting of 250 girls led to the creation of GirlQuake, a company that sponsors and organizes events for women innovators as well as offers services to organizations looking to empower women further. With her Forbes.com posts, she highlights women activists and pioneers from around the world who are shaking things up and accomplishing their goals in all industries. In 2013, she helped produce the first Forbes Women’s Summit: Power Redefined. It was here that she linked great women from the past and traditional leaders with the new generation of powerful and groundbreaking women, connecting the dots between them and encouraging future generations to do the same.

Speaking at the 21 Leaders For The 21st Century event (Women's eNews)

Speaking at the 21 Leaders For The 21st Century event (Women’s eNews)

Denise Restauri is a woman that embodies the Abigail Riggs philosophy and she is the exact kind of Buzzworthy Woman we want to share with you, our Abigail Riggs community. She works tirelessly to get women’s voices heard and shares our vision of providing role models and celebrating their hard work. She is constantly looking to the future and working on new projects to motivate and empower women. Denise is helping to create the future generation of inspirational women, and these could very well be the next wave of iconic women we honor with our handbags.

Read Denise’s posts on Forbes.com and follow her on twitter @DeniseRestauri.

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