Fall Into It

Fall inspiration

Fall inspiration

So Labor Day came and went and September has officially arrived, bringing with it all of the signs of fall the people of August dread (at least until November rolls around). We paid our respects to summer last week, and by now we’ve all exchanged the obligatory “Can you believe it’s already September?!” small talk while holding our pumpkin spice lattes. Some people see the end of summer as the end of all things fun, but here at Abigail Riggs we’re keeping it positive.

Personally, I love fall…and not just because my birthday is in October (October 27, just in case you were curious or maybe happened to have your calendar handy). This painting never fails to bring out my fall spirit. The warm and comforting colors, the calm forest in the midst of it’s seasonal change…it reminds me what I love about fall: the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start new. Maybe it’s because we are conditioned to associate it with newness and fresh starts; The first day of school, new TV shows, the start of football, and of course, a new fashion season which means new clothes and accessories, but there’s just something so refreshing about fall. It’s the perfect time to get empowered and get inspired, so although we will always keep summer in our hearts, we’re ready to embrace fall with open arms.

What’s inspiring you this fall? We’d love to know! Share your fall favorites with us here or on any of our social media!


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