A Pop-Up Shop With a Purpose

The entrance to 235 Park Ave, the Parkleigh Pop-Up Shop

The entrance to 235 Park Ave, the Abigail Riggs Collection at the Parkleigh Pop-Up Shop

In the past few years, you may have heard the term “Pop-up shop” being thrown around among your more fashion-y friends or seen it mentioned in magazines. The concept seems to be all the rage among traditional brick-and-mortar retailers trying to compete with the fast-paced and exciting environment of e-commerce. Sounds oh-so chic and modern, doesn’t it? But that begs the question:

What exactly IS a pop-up shop?

 Pop-up shop: A temporary retail space that sells merchandise of any kind.

That’s it! It’s simply a fun and creative way to expose customers to new and different merchandise without completely overhauling an existing retail space or rearranging current merchandise. Pop-up shops have been used as early as the 1990s in places like Tokyo, London and New York City, and now have spread to all corners of the shopping world. Boutiques and shops in almost every city can be seen doing pop-up shops, whether it’s to introduce a new product, a new brand, or just to create an exciting, limited-time only shopping experience (that in turn creates community buzz).


A very stylish couch; One-of-a-kind Ms. Anthony handbags; One-of-a-kind Abigail Riggs Collection fur pieces

Now that you have the vocab down, you may be asking yourself “Why do I care?” Well, of course because pop-up shops are fun, but also because one of Rochester’s favorite shopping destinations, Parkleigh, has their very own pop-up space and The Abigail Riggs Collection will be filling it for the month of November! What is more fun than that?!


An overhead view; Miss Annie, a Go For It bucket bag, and a piece from local jewelry brand Reckless Necklace

Parkleigh has been a Rochester landmark for over 50 years, with visitors coming from all over to see its eclectic collection of accessories, toiletries, candies, novelties and more. What began as a neighborhood grocery store has evolved into the familiar “Best Place to Find a Unique Gift” all Rochester residents know and love. For years Parkleigh shared the intersection of Park Ave and Goodman Street with A Step Apart, another neighborhood favorite. The ‘downtown cool’ boutique occupied the first floor of the building across the street from Parkleigh for 16 successful years, closing in August 2014 with the owner’s retirement. Always the savvy business woman, Parkleigh owner Jeannine Klee saw an amazing opportunity and snatched up the space. Acquiring the space at 235 Park Ave means exciting changes for Parkleigh, as well as the perfect place for…you guessed it! A pop-up shop. Jeannine and her staff decided to use the space to their full advantage, using the pop-up shop to acclimate the neighborhood and Parkleigh patrons to the change in owner of the space as well as to the idea of a Parkleigh expansion.

As one of its newest merchandise additions, Parkleigh carries most of the Abigail Riggs Collection, but not all of it. Voila! Another great use of the pop-up shop: Every Friday and Saturday in November (two of which happen to be Black Friday and Small Business Saturday), the entire collection will be occupying the space at 235 Park Ave. It is a wonderful opportunity to come see/touch/try on every Purse With A Purpose and the accessorizing scarves, check out our newest addition, the Earhart series, and even have a chance to meet designer Gail Riggs!


Chic counter space

Ladies shopping; Abigail Riggs Collection pieces on display

Ladies shopping; Abigail Riggs Collection pieces on display

Parkleigh will be closing the space in December for renovations and plans to reopen in early 2015, so be sure to stop in and see us before the hard work begins, every Friday and Saturday in November from 10-6 at 235 Park Ave…just look for the scarves in the windows!

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