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Abigail Riggs & Adorable Dogs ROC Fashion Week

Isabella, an adorable Dachshund belonging to model Joanne, riding in style in our Earhart Tote

Isabella, the dashing Dachshund belonging to model Joanne, riding in style in our Earhart Tote

It’s that time of year again! In less than a week, Fashion Week of Rochester returns to celebrate local fashion, creativity and community during seven unique events spread over six days. Thousands will come downtown to see local boutiques, artisans, designers and models strut their stuff in support of The Center For Youth. Events range everywhere from an interactive fashion exchange to high-end runway shows, where attendees will see what the latest and greatest in the Rochester fashion scene are offering for the Fall/Winter and 2016 seasons.  (more…)

Investing in Women: Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates, philanthropist, businesswoman, mother (photo c/o AARP)

Melinda Gates: philanthropist, businesswoman and mother of three (photo c/o AARP)

Melinda Gates has been making headlines the past few weeks, and with good reason. Accomplished businesswoman, philanthropist, humanitarian and family matriarch, Gates wears many hats. She has always taken a personal interest in the world’s poorest countries and people. As co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation she has made it her mission to find ways science and technology can be used to better lives in developing countries. In recent years, she has focused her attention specifically on the women of these impoverished areas, working to empower and give them access to the opportunities they all deserve to create the future they desire.  (more…)

Women’s History Month

womens history month

Happy Women’s History Month!

Every day we celebrate women’s history, and in March the rest of the nation joins us. Women are the focus and all month long we honor, recognize and commemorate the great women of our past, present and future.  (more…)

Central Park: Where Are The Women?

The ARC Team Statue Selfie with Susan B. Anthony, Susan B. Anthony Square Park, Rochester NY

The ARC Team Statue Selfie with Susan B. Anthony, Susan B. Anthony Square Park, Rochester NY

As the Abigail Riggs Collection continues to spread our mission of empowering women and celebrating iconic women pioneers, we are lucky to be involved in many different and exciting projects. Recently, Coline Jenkins, who is the great-great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, reached out to inform us of a major injustice happening right in our own backyard: Of the 50-something statues that are in New York City’s Central Park, not one is of a real woman. (more…)

A Pop-Up Shop With a Purpose

The entrance to 235 Park Ave, the Parkleigh Pop-Up Shop

The entrance to 235 Park Ave, the Abigail Riggs Collection at the Parkleigh Pop-Up Shop

In the past few years, you may have heard the term “Pop-up shop” being thrown around among your more fashion-y friends or seen it mentioned in magazines. The concept seems to be all the rage among traditional brick-and-mortar retailers trying to compete with the fast-paced and exciting environment of e-commerce. Sounds oh-so chic and modern, doesn’t it? But that begs the question:

What exactly IS a pop-up shop? (more…)